Imagine Frankenstein's Lab Equipment in your living room!

Doom Boxes are miniature monster making lab machines with built-in light and
sound effects!  Doom Boxes pay homage to those amazing Lightning and Thunder
wonders created by the late great
Kenneth Strickfaden A.K.A .- Frankenstein's
Features & options:

  • Light and sound effects that animate and illuminate the display with pulsating graphics

  • Custom sound effects – Electricity, lab, storm, lightning and thunder – Think 'Castle Thunder' on steroids!  Also
    available with optional user record-able sound effects

  • Lighted display panels - with a combination of steady on, blinking or flickering LEDs

  • Graphic items such as meter faces, oscilloscopes, dials, electrodes, coils and insulators

  • Vintage style 'knife' switches for powering it up  - "Look out, the lever!"

  • Durable enclosure that is very paintable and weatherable.

  • Brass and stainless steel hardware and Lazy-Susan style bases

  • Suitable for 1:8th and 1:6th scale figure model displays and dioramas
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“Let Imagination be your guide!”
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Doom Boxes are individually created monster art works with exciting special effects features.  No two Doom Boxes are made the same and
each one has its own 'electrifying personality'!