Starlighting Projects came from a passion for modeling along with the desire to share knowledge and experiences with
other hobbyists.  We love building and customizing and strive to make model subjects look as exciting as possible.

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Matt Lawrence
Owner - Starlighting Projects

Starlighting Projects designs and manufactures miniature special effects products to enhance the display of scale models
and action figures.  The company was created to develop a complimentary array of SPFX that allow hobbyists to highlight
features and show off more of their workmanship.  Our goal is to engage customers with features that allow them to
create an exciting environment for their subjects.  Our approach is to offer an array of choices that allow the user to
customize the look and feel of their display or diorama.  

Memory lane.....

When we were young we were modelers.  We loved everything monsters, sci-fi and action adventure.  If we saw an Aurora
model we were mesmerized.  If we heard the theme from Star Trek, Batman, Superman or anything from Irwin Allen we
ran to the TV.  You know the type because you were one too.  We were dedicated followers of all of them and anything
like them.  

When our crew 'grew up' we worked in technology and manufacturing but still we were modelers.  The fundamental skills
we learned as modelers helped us in our careers.  A 'steady hand' and a 'watchful eye'  were, and still are, crucial tools for
building reliable products (and cool models).

As we matured we decided to marry our business experiences with our passion for our hobby.  Our idea was to share the
knowledge we've gained during our careers to help other hobbyists with the use of the tools and technologies available

When we were kids back in the 60s the most we could hope for was a few 'grain o wheat' light bulbs to make our models
look cool.  Over the last few decades the level of technology available has grow massively.  As time has passed many new
tools such as LEDs, microchips, tiny motors, sound cards and many others have come into play which give industry and
consumers the ability to do very interesting things.

Starlighting Projects was created to help modelers take advantage of the opportunities that technologies provide.  Our
goal is to make it easy for you to showcase your artistry.
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