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Tell us about your "Dream Model" or diorama
Model name and manufacturer

Assembly & painting style: [Out of box/Custom]

Detailing & weathering styles:

Special FX:
In addition to our line of miniature special effects we also offer custom design and
building services.

Custom Lighting Services
Are you looking for LED lighting for your model project but can't find something off
the shelf that works for your project?

Starlighting Projects has the tools and components to help you light up models and
dioramas.  SLP offers affordably priced design and building services.   

From a few steady-on leds, to blinking and fading parts, all the way to the
elaborate, we can provide the resources to make the circuit you need for the look
you want.
Model and Diorama Building Services
40-plus years of model building experience.  All models and dioramas are built with the highest level of detail and realism
possible for the desired subject.

Models are prepped to hide seams and remove blemishes.  Painting and weathering are done with high quality paints and
the latest finishing materials.

Once the model's details are completed the piece is sealed with a high quality clear finish to protect it's look and colors
for years to come.  We can even add lights, sound and motion to the model for even greater realism.
Email a description of your project and how you want the effect to look.  We'll review it and return a quote to you with
options and price.  We charge reasonable rates and you may be surprised by how inexpensive it is to get the lighting
effect you want.  This is an easy-to-use service and you'll only be charged if we agree to take on your work.

Send emails to and include your phone number in case we need to talk about the details about the
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